Green Tea Mud Mask


The Green Tea Mud Mask is made with ingredients proven to help soften, detoxify, moisturize, and brighten the skin. The finely milled green tea leaves (matcha) is gentle enough for all skin types and brings soothing relief to the skin.


Our main ingredient, matcha powder has many anti-inflammatory properties, that helps to reduce the redness and to keep your complexion fresh and healthy leaving a natural glow! Matcha powder also helps to stimulate elastin production to add volume to the skin. "Black Don't Crack" over here!


Apply on freshly washed and dried skin with our mask applicator brush (Available in our store)This is to prevent staining or excess residue on nails!

Leave on for 7-10 mins until dry and proceed to rinse with warm water until there is no residue left. Once all of the product has been rinsed off, rinse skin one last time with cool or lukewarm water.

Shelf Life:

 4-6 weeks or more with proper storage.

Keep sealed tightly. This mask does not require refrigeration, however, it can be refrigerated. Refrigeration can change the consistency of the product, however, the change does not lessen the quality of the mask itself. 

This product may range in color from darkish olive green or light olive. 

Don't forget to moisturize! 

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Clay, Organic Green Tea Matcha, Avocado Oil, Natural Fragrance Oils

Please note: The color of the mask may vary from deep olive to soft pea green, and may also change in color. This variation/change does not indicate that the product has lost its efficacy.

NaturallyIndy Urban Glow Cosmetics, LLC. products have not been formally tested or evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Test each product on a small portion of the skin before usage.