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HELLO Smooth Skin

Our Glycolic Facial Mask was designed to brighten and smooth skin. Want smoother skin? Constantly suffering from dry spots? Our glycolic acid infused mask is just what your skin needs.

What it is: A gently exfoliating and anti aging mask that utilizes the power of glycolic and malic acid to make your skin smooth, soft, plump and happy.


✔ Brightens

✔ Tightens and tones

✔ Softens and smooths

✔ Boosts collagen production

✔ Reduces uneven pigmentation

Why Choose Our Glycolic Face Mask?

We wanted to create a Glycolic Acid Mask with ingredients that are 100% natural and vegan-friendly. Our products are 100% cruelty free and absolutely 100% free of harmful chemicals, including parabens and sulfates! 

This formula has a fun, light pink color and fruity aroma from our natural plant oils. Great to use weekly to give your skin a little extra oomph and TLC. 

This Face Mask Includes:

Face Mask + Face Spatula

Order Your Glycolic Mask and Say Goodbye to Dry, Uneven Skin Tone!